Simple Solutions to Collecting Past Due Accounts

Kinum along with Bryan Pereyo and his colleague constructed a group of top-tier business, medical, and technology consultants who brainstorm ideas to increase efficiency and cash flow for small to large businesses, delivering solutions that allow clients to focus on their specialty instead of worrisome cash flow issues. Our team has revitalized businesses across the country with its customer-building knowledge and pioneering approach combining industry-changing products and services, including account receivables management and flat-rate collections through Kinum.

Accounts Receivables Management

Slow payers and delinquent accounts have a severe impact on cash flow. Our strategic approaches are unlike our competitions’ outmoded (“old-school”) methods. We offers an exceptional program wherein our personable agents leverage all allowable methods of contact such as texting, messenger, phone, email, social media, etc., delivering compassionate, yet firm and frequent, reminders to the debtors in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Debt collection agencies are prohibited by law to contact debtors in this manner.

We partner with a wide variety of clients – from large companies to private practices to startups – providing pragmatic approaches to solving issues resulting in slow cash flow. Our creativity begins in the following areas:

  • Account Receivables Management
  • Reminder Emails for Reoccurring Charges
  • Customer Reviews/Social Media
  • State-of-the-art Client Interaction
  • QuickBooks Interface Using Our App CollBox
  • Third-party Collections
  • Pre-litigation Review

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 Name  Bryan R. Pereyo
 Nickname  Uncle Louie
 Phone  916-247-4901 or 408-309-8687
 Languages English & Spanish

Uncle Louie July Bryan Pereyo Collections

A little about me

Bryan Pereyo is the founder of Sales Antidote, a direct-contract sales company in the healthcare industry. Sales Antidote’s team has revitalized medical practices across the Country, with its pioneering approach that combines industry-changing products and services, including telemedicine (eVisit) and flat-rate collections through Kinum. Bryan is a successful and driven sales and marketing specialist with brand and customer-building expertise, and has over twenty years’ experience in developing and leading high-performance sales teams. He understands the customer mindset and the financial drivers that generate revenue.

linked-in-5th-badgeBryan’s forte is as an esteemed profit recovery specialist. He owns a franchise of Kinum, a “smarter” debt-collection agency, with its proven flat-rate, diplomatic collections process. Bryan is responsible for recovering millions in receivables.

He is also Co-Founder of Chronic Focus, an innovative company offering patient engagement programs that promote wellness and healing by engaging patients in a multi-faceted strategy utilizing technology for remote access to health information that is securely captured and interpreted by a portal, which presents the data to the clinical team.

  • My Credit Union staff has been doing business with Bryan Pereyo and his staff for over 10 years. Bryan's staff has delivered Top Notch Quality service to all our Credit Union locations and diplomatic recovery efforts to all our members. All of Our communication with SAK is handled in a very professional and respectful manner. One of the things my staff appreciates most about working with SAK as our Collection Agency is that we very seldom receive member complaints about their diplomatic methods for collections. Our last collection agency complaints were a regular occurrence. SAK is extremely efficient in their Flat Rate Debt Collection efforts and they provide us outstanding recovery rate of over 54%. We look forward to many more years of working with Bryan and his staff. I personally recommend SAK for all your Debt collection recovery and Flat Rate system is awesome.
  • SAK is dedicated to customer service and works incredibly hard to ensure quality support is provided. They are one of our selective, trusted AML partners, providing automated solutions to optimize efficiency and help customers achieve compliance with regulatory requirements. Bryan has led the team in ensuring a complete, current and accurate knowledge of the compliance landscape and works diligently with customers and eSpear's team to provide the best solutions to fit their business needs. Very much a pleasure and highly recommended for both debt collection and AML compliance services!
  • Sales Antidote/Kinum have been a real professional organization to work with! "Just got their most recent check... These guys collected on balances from 2012 and even 2011 on this last one! And (debtor account) when through 2 other collection agencies first. I get to view my A/R online through Kinum/Lariat Portal with real-time updates on all accounts... so I just love it when old balances get taken care of. Even the small ones! I get calls all the time from companies that want to do our collections and I tell the there is no way I'm switching!" The use of your medical interface with our NextGen Medical Practice management software makes the long process of reporting delinquent accounts a breeze now and eliminated duplicate work by my staff. Sales Antidote/Kinum is currently averaging over 58% recovery results and their flat rate collection service is saving us thousands, where we get to keep 100% of what they collect for us. My staff loves not having to call patients and now just deals with patients who want to set up a payment plan.
  • Sales Antidote Kinum has been our US debt collection partner for the last 36 months. They specialize in a variety of different industries and have delivered excellent results since we started using Sales Antidote Kinum. They focus on delivering excellent results with collection the principal debt but handle the debt recovery process in a diplomatic and humane way as to avoid any unpleasant results. We truly appreciate the online web portal and the ease of submitting debts using the CollBox APP in QuickBooks, we have instant access to the debts we’ve placed and do not have to waste any time calling or emailing for updates. Sales Antidote Kinum's online portal makes debt collection very transparent compared to the tradition black hole scenario affiliated with debt collections of the past. The online portal allows us to track and update all debts placed whenever we wish to do so. I’ve always found the staff at Sales Antidote Kinum knowledgeable, professional and straight forward to deal with. They’ve also gone beyond what was expected and made great efforts in understanding our business resulting in us being able to maintain good customer relationships even after the debt has been outsourced for collection. I would highly recommend Sales Antidote Kinum to any QuickBooks ProAdvsior for any business looking for a debt recovery partner.
  • SAK is an excellent organization with a very knowledgeable staff specializing in Debt collection and AML solutions. I have known Bryan for many years and he is a very hard working and honest sales professional. Specializing in bringing the best available solutions to his always expanding client base. Keep up the great work SAK!
  • Bryan and his team are great to work with! They have saved us a lot of money and continue to pursue avenues that assist us in collecting money owed to us! We are working with them on additional ventures! Bryan’s company has collected $725K of the $1.2 million that we have sent them for a cost of about $32,000. Nutmeg is happy with their performance!!

Bryan is active in community and charity organizations. He has coached multiple ASA Gold Softball teams in his home states of Connecticut and New York with many of his kids acquiring college scholarships.

Other info: I have a Major Teaming agreement between QuickBooks/CollBox & Kinum. We are the preferred vendor of choice for Debt Collections with QuickBooks using the CollBox App partnered with Kinum. Here is the link:

Flat Rate Collections – the Antidote to Boost Cash Flow!
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