Debt Recovery Collections has never been so easy.

accounts receivable outsourcing increates profitMaximize your profit

Collecting on accounts receivable before they lose their value is the trick to maximizing profit. Kinum Connect allows you to outsource the debt recovery collections process early on without requiring a percentage of your profit to do it.

icon-12Connect with customers

The Kinum Connect phase includes a series of reminders that are generated and directed to your customer in your name., so your customers never have to know that a third-party is involved.

lower cost debt recoveryPay less per contact

With an average price of $1.50 per contact (assuming 10 contacts), you will be paying less for the most efficient and proven debt recovery services than you would pay your own office staff in labor.

icon-14Relieve your staff

Outsourcing your accounts receivables allows you take the burden of debt recovery collections from your office staff, and watch their efficiency and satisfaction increase. The debt management software is easy to use so they can shift their efforts away from this daunting task.

control accounts receivableControl your accounts

All 10 contacts send your clients back to you, so you control their experience and payment options. Unlike traditional collections, you can remove an account from the Connect phase at any time with 1 click.

icon-16Seamless automation

With 1 click, Kinum begins its automated process. Starting with friendly reminders from your office and then from ours, then seamlessly handling contingency collections and legal intervention in the rare case either is needed.

debt collection fasterCollect at the right time

Our system is designed to collect debts before the contingency phase. When a debt reaches this phase, you can be confident that it is necessary and the right time to take this step.

national collection agencyWorld class support

Our unique approach allows you to get honest and friendly service from our client support team, paired with the proven systems, resources, and pricing you can only get with the largest agencies.

icon-19Protect relationships

Data shows that debtors are more likely to feel a level of animosity toward your business due to guilt and defense. Kinum increases debt recovery and protects your relationships from this sort of damage.

Get a Free Accounts Receivable Consultation

Your accounts receivable are depreciating by ten percent every month.  The longer you wait, the less you’ll be able to collect.

Give us 30 minutes with you to evaluate your collections process, and we’ll share valuable strategies to improve recovery based on your specific needs. At the same time, we’ll show you how Kinum’s collection process helps you:

Recover More Income: By intervening early and using the right collection strategy at the right time, you’ll get more money, faster.

Save Time: Automate your billing process and free up staff to focus on your core business.

Keep your Customers: Friendly reminders prompt your customers to pay without anger or embarrassment so they’ll want to come back again.

Let’s talk, and see how you can dramatically improve your cash flow.

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