Our Commercial Collection Division provides solutions to businesses who want to protect relationships as well as their bottom line.

The Kinum Commercial Collection Agency

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Kinum also specializes as a commercial collection agency that can successfully assist you with all of your business to business (B2B) debt collection needs.  Our aim is to collect early on and avoid the high costs of debt recovery litigation and costly judgment enforcement.  This is accomplished through a two phase process: Connect, and Collect.






Third Party Collections notices for a low flat rate

During this phase, clients make payments directly to your office and you keep 100%. No percentages, no commissions. Plus, you retain complete control: you have the ability to cancel or resume contacts at any time, and the flexibility to determine how you communicate with your clients.


Choose between one of the following debt recovery methods:


Our standard approach is a series of three carefully worded letters that encourage repayment of the debt while still maintaining a positive relationship with your client.


The audit series is designed for clients that require extra sensitivity due to the nature of their relationships. The four letter series has a soft touch, acting as a debt verification service to diplomatically resolve overdue accounts.



A superior Commercial Collection Agency to maximize profit on difficult accounts

After all pre-collections measures have been exhausted, it’s time to turn the account over to our highly trained B2B collections team. We work to do the best for you and your debtor first and foremost, and if we don’t collect, we don’t charge.

In this phase, you again have the option of choosing between the following two collection tactics:


Kinum’s standard contingency collections communicate a sense of urgency to all stages of delinquent customers. By providing a strong third party voice, our service is proven to reduce net write-offs and DSO’s and increase your revenue.


In our audit approach, Kinum acts as an extension of your company to validate and then resolve debt.  Our agents are considered the top of the industry, and are trained and supervised to treat your clients as their own.



We provide additional tools that can be leveraged to meet your customer’s needs.

Credit Reporting

Our partnerships with business reporting agencies like Experian allow us to increase your collection rate in an efficient and economical manner.  This tool can be leveraged or withheld depending on the sensitivity of your client relationships.

10- Day Demand

This complimentary service is available as an addition to your in-house collection process, and will alert your clients that their debt will be going to a third party commercial collection agency unless paid within 10 days of the date of the letter.


Legal intervention

legal collection agency analysis

Nationwide network of attorneys

For no additional upfront fee, we offer personal legal contact and analysis from a nationwide network of attorneys that specialize in commercial collection law.

collection risk analysis

Case-by-case Collection Risk Analysis

Kinum will check the collectibility of the account with an asset search to only initiate a suit when appropriate.

control of commercial collection process

Complete control of intervention

If recommended by our law firm to file suit, any initiation of legal proceedings would require your prior approval.

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