We believe that people deserve to keep what they earn.

kinum iconsAfter operating in accounts receivable services for 6 years as Fidelis Collections, it became clear that no matter how superior our contingency collections were, we were not offering the entire solution to our clients’ needs.

Their pre-collections in-house measures were inefficient and taxing on the staff, and accounts were losing value in the process. We began developing a system that would help clients avoid traditional collections through a better accounts receivable program.

We know that relationships drive profit and wanted to protect them first and foremost, so we mixed our knowledge of proven systems with our human hearts and came up with the Connect Phase. It instantly proved to be as successful as we hoped. We saw that 90-95% of the recovery was happening in the Connect Phase, and we knew we had the solution our clients had been looking for for years.

Meet our Accounts Receivable Management Team

We are committed to developing relationships of trust and competence,
and always doing the right thing for our clients above anything else.


Bruce Klinger


“During my 21 years in the collection industry I have learned that focusing on the client’s needs, great leadership, and opportunity for the individual creates an outstanding organization.  I am proud to be a part of a company that has returned to these core values.”

Rick Rainho

Rick Rainho

Chief Compliance Officer

“It is always great to wake up every morning and know that what you do makes a difference. Here at Kinum, we believe that making a difference is what it is all about in everything that we do.”

Kinum fully understands the economic impact that some consumers are experiencing and we want you to know that we are here to help.
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