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The Kinum Complete System

Our comprehensive approach takes the burden of debt collection off of your office staff and collects more efficiently with gentle but effective reminders.The-Kinum-Complete-Process


Industries Served

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Collecting debt can be an expensive distraction in a busy medical practice. Kinum’s seamless, automated system takes the pressure off office staff, minimizes in-house collection costs, and allows medical professionals to focus on what they do best- taking care of their patients.

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Banks/Credit Unions

In a competitive financial market, every cent towards the bottom line counts. Our DDA Recovery System helps banks and credit unions maximize their profit by reducing charge-offs while maintaining positive customer relations.

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Our client-sensitive Connect service is the perfect match for educational institutions. By providing friendly and consistent contacts early on in the recovery process, Kinum will collect more of your money, faster.

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Business to Business

We understand the unique challenge of collecting on business accounts while maintaining positive working relationships. Our consultants recommend the tools and products that best meet your unique circumstances. This empowers you to customize your approach to the nature of each account.

  • "We have been utilizing the services of Kinum for several years and have been very satisfied with their results. They provide their clients with the support, technology, and active communication needed for effective management of collection cases."  
    Seton Imaging
  •    Since we have been a client we have been extremely pleased.  Every time I call I speak with a live person which I love and I always get an answer right away or very shortly if a call back is needed. They collected many of our old accounts that we have had for years and cleaned up our patients list for us.   
    Southtowns Cardiology – West Seneca, NY
  •    Kinum has demonstrated an approach that aligns with our desire to work with families while incorporating measures that dictate the seriousness of the debt obligation.   
    Cardinal Ritter High School – Indianapolis, IN
  •    Kinum provided a professional service that exceeded our expectations, and I highly recommend them.   
    Comsaco, Inc. – Norfolk, VA