Kinum, Inc. Launches Newest Product: AI Collections

At Kinum, we are committed to providing accounts receivable solutions to help businesses and medical practices maximize profits while reducing our clients’ expenses and protecting their reputations.  After several months of testing and compliance review, Kinum is excited to announce it has launched its newest product, AI Collections.

This new product will help penetrate collection accounts and give consumers better options to communicate with us more efficiently via texting, email, and consumer payment portal services.

Collection calls and demand letters remain the most viable method of recovering outstanding debts. However, with the progression of technology, many consumers do not want to speak with another person over the phone.  Often, they will not answer the call about an outstanding debt, not because they are avoiding it but because they don’t take calls from anyone not in their contacts.  By adding AI Collections, we are expanding the options for consumers to communicate with us, setting up payment arrangements that work for everyone, and improving the customer experience.

Kinum is committed to complying with all Federal, State, and local laws regarding debt collections. However, not all states are the same, so this service is not available in all states due to certain restrictions. We want to ensure our clients that our services are fully HIPAA and PCI-compliant, respecting individuals’ privacy while finding different avenues to communicate with them.

What should our clients expect?

  1. Is there an additional cost? No, since Kinum collects on a contingency basis, there is no additional cost to you.
  2. Higher recoveries?  Yes, we are seeing people who have never accepted a phone call suddenly open the link from our text and pay their outstanding balances.
  3. Increased activity? Possibly, you may receive a call from the consumer or their spouse saying they received a text message or email from us and wanted to make sure Kinum is legitimate.  You may already have these types of interactions from the 100,000+ collection calls we make every month.  Now that we are sending text messages and emails expect this activity to increase, which is a positive.  Your best action is to respond, “Yes, Kinum is our collection agency, and once the account is with them, we need to refer you back to them.”
  4. More inhouse payments? Yes, when receiving a payment from a consumer assigned to Kinum, please remember to log into your portal and report the payment. This is very important. If not reported, we will continue to attempt to reach them via text, email, or phone, which could be construed as harassment.

Contact us for more information on Kinum’s services, or reach out to your representative.

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