Celebrating 10 Years of Kinum!

Celebrating 10 Years of Collections

On November 8, 2022, Kinum, Inc. is celebrating its tenth anniversary! Above all, we are grateful to our clients who trusted us in our first years and continually refer others to us. As one of our co-owners, Steve Myren, says, “We haven’t earned a client’s trust when they sign up for our services, we have earned their trust when they renew our services.” When a client renews or refers new clients to Kinum, it affirms that we are in the correct vein and accurately caring for our clients.

With offices in Virginia Beach, VA, Indianapolis, IN, and Cleveland, OH, we are proud to have served clients across all 50 states and Puerto Rico! Learn more about us.

In the Beginning

Although Kinum is ten years old, the experience goes back much further, with the leaders all having held successful roles in their previous positions. Bruce Klinger, Rick Rainho, and the late Sharon Park, recognized the importance of a client-centered focus built on respect for the employees, stability, and credibility. They were determined never to waiver from that when they created Kinum.

The name “Kinum” encompasses the company’s core values. “Kin” stands for “family,” and “num” stands for “numbers,” with “kin” intentionally coming first. We believed back then that people come before profit, and that belief continues to hold true.

Ten Years Later

Over the past ten years, we have grown from three owners and one employee with 30 clients collecting in three states to more than 60 employees, over 3,000 clients, and managing collections for our clients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The key to our success is simple: we take care of our clients, and they stay with us. Many collection agencies are only interested in turning and burning. But at Kinum, our goal is to maintain and grow.

We are consistently adapting to the new regulatory changes that come our way. The use of technology brings new ways to communicate along with new challenges and regulations. There have been many changes in how people communicate with one another. Everyone once spoke on the phone, but now we have adapted to communicating via text message or social media. The key for us has been to stay ahead of the curve for these types of changes, embrace them, and adjust accordingly.

The focus remains the same – represent our clients professionally and work to recover their outstanding and unpaid receivables.

What’s Next

By remaining true to our core values, caring for our clients’ needs, and adapting when necessary, is how we plan to continue to thrive. Above all, being able to get money collected for our clients that they thought was lost, while at the same time providing our employees a good and fair income to be able to provide for their families is our primary goal every day. We don’t need to be the largest collection agency in the world, but we want to be the one collectors want to work at and clients want to assign accounts to.

Employee growth is significant at Kinum. We believe in having a “farm team” that grows primarily from within. We are proud to promote our collectors to managers and managers to trainers rather than hiring managers and trainers from outside agencies. We take care to train our employees and provide a positive and growth-minded environment so that they can take advantage of opportunities when they are presented to them.

To our clients, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an incredible decade. We are proud to serve you and help you to collect your debts. For assistance, reach out to us today!

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