The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Collections

As a business owner, your first reaction to collections may be to keep it in-house or even make the collection calls yourself. Collections is a touchy subject and can lead to angry customers and bad reviews. You want to tread lightly and get your money without causing any collateral damage. Of course, this is possible, but not in the way you may think. By keeping the collections process in-house, your customer service may suffer – and so will your revenue. Read the benefits of outsourcing your collections by Kinum, Inc. below.

Kinum, Inc., based out of Virginia Beach, VA, provides debt collection services for a variety of industries in the United States. Reach out today to discover how we can work for you!

Create a Partnership with a Collections Rep

Contrary to what you may think, customer service doesn’t suffer at the hands of a collection agency. Your collections rep will become an extension of your business, offering the same friendly service and positive customer experience you expect of your team. While working with a collection agency, the leaders of the company remain in control of the collections process but have an added team of trained professionals working in collections. Your business’ core values remain the same and your customers are treated with respect and fairness.

More Affordable Than an In-House Team

Hiring a collection agency is more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team. A company may want to hire a team to remain in control of the customer experience; but with a team like Kinum, Inc., our professionals will adopt your company’s core values and display kindness and patience during every customer interaction.

With an in-house team, you are required to pay to train the employees and possibly provide employment benefits. If you have a high turnover rate, the expenses are even higher since you have to pay for training over and over. Outsource to a team where their collections rate will be higher than a newly trained team in-house because they are overall more experienced and focused on one task. This will minimize costs and increase the company’s revenue.

Unmatched Customer Service

People who work in collections are gifted. They are patient and kind, exemplifying incredible customer service skills. New, untrained staff at a company are not professionally trained in collections and probably will not have the same customer service skills that a collections team will have. Overall, this creates a better experience for the customer and will get the company more money. By hiring in-house, the process will be more difficult. They will be inexperienced in collections and it will take longer to train them up and start seeing results. A collection agency has trained staff with their own toolbox to achieve monetary results for your company.

Start Outsourcing Today

Kinum, Inc. is a third-party debt-collection agency serving all industries. We offer a gentle approach to collections and are the highest-rated collection agency on Google. Outsource your collections duties to a team of professionals that can collect your money quickly and efficiently without wavering on your company’s integrity and values. Call us today at 1-888-281-1750!

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