Why Choose Kinum, Inc. As Your Collection Agency?

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From our beginning, the team here at Kinum, Inc. has worked diligently to provide our clients with a smarter way to collect, by putting people first. This philosophy runs through every part of our organization, right up to our business name. Kin = Family/People. Num = Numbers.

While our primary service provides our clients with debt recovery solutions, our work is about much more. Sure, we can help you improve your accounts receivable strategies and strengthen your bottom line. However, our work is most effective and satisfying when we assist you in recovering debt, and also help you retain customers and patients who may have fallen behind on their payments.

Celebrating 1000+ Google Reviews

Kinum, Inc. recently hit a major milestone — we are proud to have received over 1,000 reviews and to maintain a 4.8 rating across our Google listings. Our reviews are not only from satisfied customers, but from many of the people we collect from. They are a testament to the honesty, patience, and professionalism our collection agency team exhibits each day. We are committed to serving people first, by finding solutions that meet the needs of our clients and protecting the relationships they have worked to build.

How Can Kinum Help My Business or Practice?

We Work With Clients Across a Variety of Industries

The Kinum, Inc. team is experienced in providing collection services for locally-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We work with each client to provide individualized solutions that best fit your company’s needs. Our collection agency works with clients across industries such as healthcare, dentistry, education, nonprofits, banks and financial institutions, commercial, hotels, telephone and utility companies, and more.

Provide Your In-House Staff With Relief

Managing your accounts receivable in-house can put a lot of pressure on your staff and detract from their efficiency on the job. By outsourcing your collection efforts to Kinum, Inc. it relieves the burden on your staff and allows them to better focus on what matters — serving your customers/patients and growing your business. We provide you and your team with access to easy-to-use debt management software and provide you with monthly business reviews to help optimize your cash management solutions.

Keeping Your Costs To A Minimum & Encouraging Faster Debt Recovery.

We prioritize your client relationships and encourage prompt payments by first connecting with your customers through consistent payment reminders and 1st party contact. All payments received in the Connect phase are paid directly to your company. If an account elevates to our Collect Phase, our 3rd Party communication offers you the leverage of working with a professional collection agency who values your business goals and the importance of positive client interactions.

Our services are provided for a fixed flat fee, regardless of individual account balances. We are committed to providing you with straightforward services and solutions, without hassles or surprises.

Creating Successful Debt Recovery By Connecting With Your Clients

Our innovative Connect and Collect System is designed to keep your costs to a minimum while promoting client/patient retention and facilitating faster debt recovery. We use proprietary debt management software to help clients manage their collection accounts and improve their collections process.

Phase 1: Connect

During the initial Connect Phase, we act on your behalf to facilitate payments and maintain your relationship with your clients. Your clients are referred back to you and are instructed to work with your office to ensure a consistent customer service experience.

If a customer remains unresponsive or still has not paid after five friendly reminders, the account is elevated to Step 2 in our Connect process, where we introduce ourselves as a 3rd party collection agency partnering with your business or practice. We maintain a stern, yet diplomatic approach in this stage, to protect your relationships while also encouraging payment. In this stage, your customers are still referred back to you, so you remain in control of payments. Any payments received in this stage are paid directly to you.

Phase 2: Collect

If your customer is still unresponsive after nine contacts and the debt remains unpaid, the account is turned over to our skilled collection team. Our collection team is based in the United States and focuses on maintaining customer relationships while still applying pressure to facilitate payments and resolve delinquent accounts. We utilize various tools, including skip tracing, credit bureau reporting, multiple dialers, data scrubbing, and scoring bankrupt and deceased accounts.

If we are unsuccessful in this phase, you pay no additional fee, and the account can be elevated to legal intervention with the assistance of our nationwide network of collection attorneys.

Want to Learn More? Connect With Kinum Today

Kinum, Inc. provides each client with an innovative, personalized approach to collection and debt recovery services. To learn more about how we can help you connect with and collect from your customers, please reach out to us today at (888) 471-0280.

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