Kinum: A Better Alternative to Traditional Debt Collection

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Debt collection gets a bad reputation, often conjuring up images of non-stop phone calls, garnished wages, plunging credit scores, passive-aggressive letters, and tactics of intimidation and harassment.

Misconceptions or not, these traditional debt collection practices are a dead-end in today’s financial climate. US consumer debt has exceeded $14.88 billion, and between high inflation and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are struggling and need support.

Here at Kinum, we believe individuals and businesses deserve to keep what they earn ‒ and that protecting and nurturing relationships should always be at the forefront of debt collection.

By replacing collections with connections, Kinum recently achieved 950+ reviews on Google ‒ and we look forward to sharing our collections agency’s innovative approach and transforming the way people view debt collection for the better.

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Kinum: A 4.875★ Nationally Ranked Collections Agency

As of October 2021, Kinum received over 950 Google reviews, garnering a national 4.875 rating out of 5.

Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients had to say!

“Nobody wants to have to deal with a credit agency ‒ we all wish everyone paid in-full all the time ‒ but if you need to work with someone to add a little oomph to your collections, Kinum is a great company to partner with. They are careful and ask the right questions to make sure debts are really owed. We’re glad to have them on our team.”
‒ Deb M.

“I’ve never left a review for a debt collection agency. I felt it was necessary this time because what matters most in a debt collection agency or any credit reporting agency is ACCURACY! Kinum Inc. is the most accurate, professional and courteous credit agency I’ve ever worked with. Thank you!!!”
‒ Nick M.

“Kinum has been absolutely a pleasure to deal business with. They helped the small business that I work for get an amazing price. Also I would like to mention the prompt replies to any questions or concerns that I had…”
‒ Allison M.

“My agent was so helpful today. She actually listened to my confusing situation and we were able to quickly resolve a matter where there has been some back and forth with the original company due to misinformation. I truly thank her for all her help today to finally getting this account resolved and allowing me to move forward with my life!!! Thank you!”
‒ Rose B.

How Kinum Works

Unlike traditional debt collection practices, our methods streamline the debt collection process, keep costs to a minimum, and help small businesses build relationships with their clients.

We take a gentler approach to debt collection, first starting with carefully timed and consistent contact methods, which include automated calls and letters on your behalf. We customize your messages to best address the individual’s unique needs and situation. You choose when contact is made and can cancel the automated points of contact at any time.

No harassing phone calls. No wasted time, money, and resources on inefficient and aggressive debt collections practices.

Rather than pay the debt through us, we refer customers back to you in direct contact with your office. That way, you can control their payment plans and continue to deliver a great customer experience that will help build and maintain lasting relationships.

Kinum’s skilled collections team will also be there to help you take firmer action in the debt collection process. Even as we engage with customers who demand more pressure and a more stern approach, we’ll work diligently to recover the debts owed to you and help you take the next best steps.

Transform Your Accounts Receivable System with Kinum

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you want to maintain good relations with your customers and protect your reputation ‒ but you also deserve to receive and keep what you earn. Pursuing and recovering debts owed to you can be a tricky balancing act in today’s financial climate. With Kinum by your side, you can say goodbye to the inefficiencies of traditional debt collection practices and streamline your accounts receivable system, protect your customer relationships, and fulfill your bottom line.

Are you interested in scheduling a free accounts receivable consultation? Contact us today! Our team is ready to evaluate your current collections process and strategize ways to improve its efficiency and recovery rate!

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