Can Good Customer Service Reduce Medical Collections?

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Customer service (or lack thereof) can make or break our experience with a business or medical practice. Think about it — we are more likely to frequent a store or practice where we are treated with kindness, generosity, and consideration. Doctors and dentists are in a unique position as business owners. They must provide a level of care that enhances their patient’s health and wellbeing while maintaining their bottom line. Balancing these factors can be a challenge, especially if the practice is facing collections issues from patients.

Reducing Unpaid Accounts Begins With Great Patient Care

Without patients, your practice would cease to exist. Maintaining a patient-centered focus helps the individuals in your care feel valued, important, and respected. There are several ways to improve customer satisfaction in your practice — and reduce collections issues down the line.

Creating a Long Lasting Rapport

Going to the doctor or dentist is no one’s favorite activity. Going out of your way to make your patients’ experience a little more comfortable can do wonders for building rapport. Giving your lobby or waiting area an updated look can help nervous patients relax a little. Maintaining an on-time schedule is also important. Yes, appointments may carry over, and emergencies happen, but if you are consistently late to your patient meetings, it can sour the relationship and experience.

Be Open & Honest, Make Sure They’re Heard

Medical or dental visits can be a challenge for some patients. Creating a space where patients feel comfortable sharing information about their health and bodies can benefit your bottom line. Doctors and dentists may care for dozens of patients every day. Making each patient feel like they are the only priority during their appointment is vital.

In addition, providing your patients with guidance and information about available treatment options is essential. No one likes receiving a “surprise” bill. Take the time to outline what procedures or tests you’re running and how they will benefit the patient. Offering a simplified description of a procedure — and why you’re performing it — can create resonance and make receiving payment easier.

Outline Your Billing & Payment Policies

Many patient complaints and delinquent payments are rooted in patients not understanding payment policies or feeling like the billing process takes too long. Informing your patients or your billing policies prior to treatment can help them better understand how and when they will be billed.

You Are Only As Good As Your Team

We have read online reviews similar to: “The office staff is very rude, but the doctor is wonderful.” We are all human. Everyone has off days, but your administrative staff is the gatekeeper to your practice. When patients are consistently greeted by a negative attitude or someone who is not invested in them, it can be discouraging. When your receptionist or office staff are welcoming, kind, and attentive to your patients’ needs, it helps patients get off on the right foot. This can make paying their bills easier.

We Are Focused on Connecting With Your Clients & Patients

At Kinum, Inc., we provide our clients with a smarter way to collect. We take a proactive approach to the collections process. Our team works diligently to maintain positive relationships between you and your patients. Our priority is helping you collect what is owed without affecting patient retention.

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